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Structural characteristics and application of pipe clamp

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The pipe clamp is generally used for small-diameter pipe, fixed on the wall, plastic or metal products, semi-circular or round, with screws or nails fixed on the wall, through which the pipe passes. Pipes shall be fixed before ground leveling. Before assembly, in order to better determine the direction of the clamp, it is recommended to mark the fixed position first, then weld it, insert the lower part of the pipe clamp body and put on the pipe to be fixed. Then put on the other half of the pipe clamp body and the cover plate, and tighten them with screws. Do not directly weld the bottom plate of installed pipe clamp.

A pipe fitting commonly used in water heating installation is used for fixing pipes. PVC pipe clamp and pipe nail are mainly used for fixing electrical wiring with PVC pipes; fixing direct laying wires and cables; fixing small-diameter PVC water supply and drainage pipes (generally less than ф 40mm in diameter). PVC pipe hoop is mainly used for fixing large diameter PVC water supply and drainage pipes (generally the pipe diameter is greater than ф 50mm). There are many ways to fix the pipe, the fixed parts, which is a little general and fuzzy.

The pipe clamp is used to fix the pipe (commonly known as saddle clamp). It is used to fix the ground (note that it is not allowed to drill and fix the ground where there is geothermal ground or where there is pipeline on the ground). The live line does not go inside the gypsum line. The bracket is generally used for pipes of various caliber, mostly made of triangular angle iron, on the pipe scaffold and bracket.


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