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Knowledge and requirements of pipe supports and hangers

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Common sense and requirements of pipe support

1. Type of bracket:

According to the shape, it can be divided into T-shaped, door shaped, single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer, single plane frame, space steel frame and tower.

2. The pipe rack graphic symbol of the pipe indicates

Pipe supports are usually installed on the ground or above the buildings. The type and orientation of pipe supports are indicated by common graphical symbols in the drawings.

3. The natural compensation should be considered first when the stress and deformation of the pipeline are caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, and then the compensation of other devices.

Conditions of natural compensation (L-shape, Z-shape, space bend)

(1) When the angle is less than 150 degrees, L-shape can be used

(2) The maximum length of L-shaped arm is 20-25m, and the bending stress is less than 80MPa

(3) If there is compensation, it must be used in cooperation with the fixed support, but the thermal elongation shall not be greater than the compensation, the pipeline thrust shall not be greater than the allowable thrust of the support, and the pipeline shall not have twists and turns.

4. Secure the bracket.

The fixed support point shall be generally on the main beam of the column axis, and the connecting support shall make the thrust difference between two sides small. If there is special structure on the pipeline, it shall be calculated according to special rules.

The whole structure or welding is the best choice for fixing bracket.

5. Selection of pipe support point orientation.

The support point is usually selected on the pipe, preferably a straight pipe which is not disassembled during repair or cleaning.

It is not allowed to make fulcrum on valves, pipe accessories, expansion joints, elbows and elbows.

6. Alternative orientation of rooting.

The optional positions of support rooting on equipment, concrete structure, wall, ground, foundation, steel structure and large pipe can also be mixed

7. Questions to be noted about the distance between pipe supports:

(1) The pipe opening length between supports at both ends of horizontal 90 degree bend shall not be greater than 0.73 times of the maximum distance of horizontal pipe.

(2) Straight pipe support distance (considering self weight and wind load)

8. Generally speaking, the pipe diameter below DN50 can not be shown in the support drawing, which shall be handled by the construction unit according to the drawing book.

9. The supports for large diameter pipes, high supports and supports requiring stress analysis shall be subject to professional planning.

Pipeline is one of the main components of oil and gas chemical equipment, and pipeline support is a structure closely connected with pipeline.

The size of the pipeline stress is one of the standards to measure whether the pipeline system can operate safely. If the stress is too large, the pipeline system may be damaged. Therefore, the accurate setting of the pipeline support is the main guarantee for the safe operation of the equipment.

The conventional setting method of pipe support has become one of the necessary common sense for pipeline planners.

The accurate method of pipe support setting can reduce the workload of stress accounting personnel and ensure the safety of non stress pipelines.

In the future work, we hope that everyone can accurately set up the pipe support to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.


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